LSC Marketing Group provides top B2B firms like yours with turnkey ABM campaigns as well as a full suite of plug-and-play services to execute your account-based marketing vision.

Augment your existing sales and marketing efforts or build your campaign from the ground up with LSC’s 40 years of industry-leading experience.

Fully Managed Account Based Marketing

Drive Business with Lasting Client Relationships

Identify your most valuable prospects, optimize visibility to high value accounts, and engage them with up-to-the-moment relevant and personalized content along the entire sales funnel.

Build a seamless buying experience for your most valuable accounts and develop beneficial and lasting client relationships to drive your business.

With your dedication and expertise in your field and LSC’s industry-leading ABM guidance, tools and strategies, you’ll:


Streamline your business' sales cycle


Focus on high value, well known targets allows resources to be reserved for presenting, closing, and maintaining sales


Optimize visibility to high value accounts

The highly-targeted ABM approach finds continuous opportunities to demonstrate your solutions to your targets’ business challenges. Grow your business through account relationships, maintaining relationships with best-fit accounts, so that you can reduce churn and build bridges with other top firms. Deliver consistent customer experiences, informed by deep insights, and craft content that caters directly to the needs of best-fit accounts to build valuable relationships.

With a focused, data-driven approach backed by LSC’s’ expert tracking and analysis, see clearly where your marketing budget is best allocated at every step. LSC’s full suite of solutions has the pieces you need to put together your ABM campaign today.

Build valuable relationships with highly targeted accounts and partner with LSC for our 40 years’ experience and proven ABM solutions:


Align sales & marketing teams in all aspects of planning and execution.


Unite your team's vision with expert guidance and collaborative tools.


Create a target list that prioritizes highest-value accounts.


Generate marketing programs that speak to targets across the entire funnel.


Drives your marketing with industry-leading data and all-channel strategy and support.


Continuously measure and assess program performance & adjust to meet program goals.

LSC’s industry-leading data specialists help you identify high value accounts & stakeholders.

  • Leverage “quality over quantity” to match your organization with its ideal targets.
  • Create a focused, personalized buying experience.
  • Personalize marketing and sales experiences to increase your visibility and relevance to high value accounts.
  • Guide target accounts to become high-value, repeat customers.
  • Demonstrate value repeatedly and craft a personalized, consistent experience to build loyalty.

Want to know more?

Have LSC Marketing Group handle all of your account based marketing, data modeling, contact acquisition and management, phone and internet sales and marketing support, professional networking and email management, target research, full campaign design and implementation, and salesforce management.