Direct Marketing

Promote Your Brand to the People Who Need it the Most

There are so many ways to reach consumers, however Direct Marketing continues to be a highly effective way to not only generate awareness, but get customers to act. Whether your brand’s goal is to increase visits to your website or make a purchase, Direct Marketing allows you to take your product or service and put it right in front of a highly targeted audience.

Just a few of the many benefits of Direct Marketing

Adapt and respond to the needs of your market, and achieve your goals by collaborating with the dynamic and skilled Direct Marketing team at LSC Marketing Group.

⦿ Build or improve relationships with customers
⦿ Identify which marketing channels are most effective for your target market
⦿ Gauge interest or excitement for a product or service launch
⦿ Increase sales
⦿ Market on a budget

Media Strategy

A strong strategy is foundational to effectively harnessing the power of media. Our media team provides everything a marketer needs to plan, buy, optimize and measure media campaigns across all formats and all devices.

Campaign Execution

From direct mail to digital marketing, we can execute campaigns of all scopes and sizes. We’re able to strategize across all channels, execute a comprehensive direct marketing/digital campaign, and then provide thorough analytics on your investment.

Insert Media Management

Our philosophy: deliver increasing revenue while providing highest customer service and professional program management. We maximize all opportunities through our sales efforts, and ensure timely order placement and detailed information to our advertisers.

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