Customizable. Expansive. Revenue-Driven.

As a leading list management company, LSC Marketing Group offers the direct marketing community over 650 top performing lists and alternative media programs. Our knowledgeable and motivated sales and support staff brings experience, customer service, and a network of established relationships to a business focused on increasing our clients’ sales and profits.

By renting your list, you not only make money on your data, you learn more about your customers by seeing who is successfully using your file.

Our service is uniquely customizable, allowing marketers to target their best audience.

Our managed properties cover a wide range of industries, from infomercial and catalog buyers to top newspapers and B-to-B services. This roster also includes our exclusive, LSC-owned databases and partnerships with a diverse collection of data providers. Postal, telemarketing, and e-mail records build an effective stream of multi-channel opportunities for every marketer. LSC can build complex customer engagement plans, or fulfill smaller list inquiries for targeted sales efforts.

Data Acquisition

Our acquisition solutions combine the best of our data, intelligence, consulting, campaign execution and analytics services to lower your cost per acquisition, increase new customer volume, and ensure we are adding profitable customers.

Data Modeling & Analytics

Our team of data scientists and analysts have perfected our methodology, and the tools we use – including research, internal and external data sources and analytics – to help businesses understand the massive amount of data they have access to.

Data Processing

From the simplest formatting issues and bad data entry to malicious data, there are a lot of challenges to delivering a successful campaign. LSC has spent 40+ years cleaning, managing and advising our customers on data management best practices.

Data Enhancement

LSC Data Enhancement services produce actionable customer insights for marketers to deliver an engaging customer experience. Improve customer profiles, segment your audiences, and access analytics and qualitative data that drive better marketing results and returns.
“LSC has proven to be an innovative thought leader in the data acquisition space for nearly four decades! Brands know that we not only have access to rich data, but can guide them toward the solutions to use it most effectively.”

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