Data Enhancement List Management

LSC Marketing Group offers data enhancements & Modeling opportunities that adds Direct Mail Value and provides an efficient and effective way for mailers to put a bull’s eye on their specific target audience(s).

Data enhancements (also known as data appending) is a process where records are appended with demographics and lifestyle data. Records are matched across multiple fields, including, name, postal address, e-mail address and phone and so much more.

The enhancement process allows marketers the ability to customize their data in a manner that adds value to their customer records.

How Does Data Enhancement Work?

Data enhancement is a three-step process:

  • Gather & Format: List records are gathered from multiple sources and independent list owners.
  • Match: Change of address and list hygiene are preformed to ensure the most up -to – date records are being used; Monthly change of address is available.

Output: The new, enhanced lists are output with the additional selects generated by the matching process. Monthly and weekly hotlines are available for mailers when data recency is a must.

What Is Datamatch?

At LSC Marketing Group we offer over 40 years of experience enhancing our list owner’s data.
We have a sales staff dedicated to selling our enhanced data lists. We market our enhanced data under the name Datamatch.

Here is how Datamatch works:

  • Records are sourced from 100% Direct mail to ensure accuracy and depth of information.

Records are appended with over 160 demographics and over 350 lifestyles selections. Our Datamatch monthly universe updates 8,000.000 to 10,000,000 names every month. Over 238,000,000 individuals that are direct mail names go through the Datamatch process.

Datamatch gives the marketer a distinct advantage over traditional lists and databases.  Our in-house expertise offers customization opportunities that provides data with additional value.

Once the enhancement process is complete, we create a customized demographic and lifestyle profile that provides the Datamatch sales team with a valuable resource in order to identify potential sales opportunities.

This profile provides a snapshot of the list owner’s customers, and used to provide unique insights which can be used to identify potential mailers who might be interested in renting the data.

Our experienced team is not limited to solely selling postal names, but we also are experienced in enhancing email address. We also provide yearly programs.

What demographic and lifestyle selections are available?

Datamatch provides a number of different demographic and lifestyle selects that mailers can choose from including but not limited to: Age, Income, Presence of Children, Gender, Religious Affiliation, Ethnic, Home owner, Home Value, Apparel Buyers, Children Product Buyers, Collectors, Beauty/Cosmetics, Health, Medical, Multi Purchasers , Magazine Subscribers, Readers, Donors By Type, Investors By Type, Credit Card users By Type, Hobbies, Sports Spectators, Outdoor Enthusiasts, Pet Owners By Type, Travelers, Ethnicity, Language Spoken, Religion, DRTV Buyers and so much more.

Want to know more?

Please contact us at 203-743-2600 or email us:

Angela McCluskey
President, Database Sales & Marketing
Steve Ruffler
Vice President of Database Sales
Kraig Eades
Senior Director
Sales Strategy and Analysis
Matt Potts
Sales Director


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