Data Processing

Accurate Data Saves Money and Increases Response Rates

From the simplest formatting issues to bad data entry and malicious data, there are a lot of challenges to delivering a successful campaign. LSC Marketing Group has spent 40+ years cleaning, managing and advising our customers on data management best practices.

We help anticipate problematic data issues before they lead to costly errors. As data analysis, campaign strategy, and direct/digital marketing experts, we can help your next campaign be more successful.

By consolidating customer data from multiple sources, de-duplicating records, and updating vital missing information, our merge/purge service centralizes reliable data for marketers.

LSC Marketing Group offers a wide range of solutions that allow you to successfully reach your target audience quickly, efficiently and with the greatest return.


Merge Purge Processing

LSC Marketing Group’s proprietary merge/purge technologies and practices reduce duplicate contacts, combine information to complete missing data fields, and eliminate incorrect or outdated information. Create a single, centralized “record of truth” for each of your customers to drive better customer intelligence and more efficient marketing campaigns.

Data Hygiene Services

LSC Marketing Group’s data hygiene services reduce postage costs and improve deliverability with CASS Certification, NCOALINK™, LACS, DPV, ACS, AEC, DSF2, Intelligent Barcode and related address standardization and suppression services such as DMA Pander and DMA Catalog Choice, deceased, and prison suppressions.

Email Hygiene

Clean up your email system! LSC Marketing Group will interrogate every email address in order to validate them. We identify bogus addresses, eliminate duplicates and update emails where we have a newer address (from our database of 20 million+ email addresses).

Strengthen your customer database with top-performing and accurate data:

Increase Campaign ROI

  • Reduce duplicate marketing efforts to increase campaign ROI.
  • Save valuable time and expenses across your marketing campaigns and efforts.

Improve Analytics & Reporting

Regular Updates

  • Maintain the high performance of your customer database by doing regular merge/purge processes.

Improve Customer Service

  • Improve customer service by centralizing disparate customer information in one place.

“They went to incredible lengths to get all of our campaigns completed and out the door on time. All the late-night phone calls that they’re willing to take—they were invaluable. Nothing could stand in their way.”

Allicia Clark, Director of Marketing Scholastic Magazines

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