Data Enhancement

Make The Most of Your Marketing

Marketing can be even more effective when delivered to a highly focused and appropriate audience.

LSC Marketing Group Data Enhancement services produce actionable customer insights for marketers to deliver an engaging customer experience. Improve customer profiles, segment your audiences, and access analytics and qualitative data that drive better marketing results and returns.

LSC Marketing Group Enhancement opportunities include:

Email & Phone Append

Open new communications channels by appending valuable email addresses and phone numbers to existing customer data. Multi-channel marketing campaigns will drive greater returns by reaching customers where they want to receive communications.

Firmographic Data Append

Enrich your customer database with valuable business characteristics that can be utilized for decision making, lead scoring, and optimized B2B marketing and sales efforts. LSC Marketing Group has data on 27 million+ businesses and 100 million+ contacts, so you can append SIC/NAICS, sales volume, number of employees, and more for improved analytics and segmentation.

Demographic Data Append

Relevancy is vital to create a personalized customer experience. LSC Marketing Group Demographic Data Append reveals insightful customer characteristics that marketers can leverage to deliver a targeted, relevant and personalized experience. With a flexible range of data points to choose from, your organization can develop a deeper understanding of your customers to generate effective segmentation, reveal key analytics, and drive impactful marketing results.

Psychographic Data Append

Instead of generic, bulk messaging, use psychographic data to drive relevance and yield better marketing results. This data allows marketers to target interest groups with a more personal, customized approach.
Align your message with insights from your customer’s interests, opinions and goals. LSC Marketing Group Psychographic Data Append provides qualitative information about your contacts, such as lifestyle choices and personal interests.

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