Emails Lists

Your email marketing doesn’t have to consist only of your e-newsletter. Plenty of consumers and business people are waiting for offers, coupons, and deals to arrive to their inbox. They have all opted-in to receive legitimate, third party offers from businesses like yourself.


Concerned about SPAM?

All of our emails contacts have checked a free-will opt-in, agreeing to accept email messages from other companies. Complaint rates for these lists are low, as members are used to and actively reading email communications.

Find new customers with 3rd party email marketing.

Much like the postal equivalent, email lists are built on targeted groups of people, both business professionals and consumers, linked by common intrests, purchases, or subscriptions. By selecting a list that coincides with your ideal buyer, the likelihood of a successful campaign is increased exponentially.

Any email marketer will tell you that the “batch-and-blast” technique rarely nets in profitable results. Pull the perfect list, and see response.

Match & deploy emails to your postal customers.

If you need to breathe some new life into your house names, our Match & Deploy system will match your postal or email database with one of ours, and deliver your email to fully opted-in customers. This is a great way for businesses to reconnect with customers via a new channel, or establish permission to email in the future.

Send email messages to mobile users.

With mobile phone and tablet use increasing every month, now is the perfect time to connect via email to these on-the-go and connected consumers and professionals.


Find the right email list for your next mailing.