New Market Expansion


Multi-billion-dollar US financial services


Focused and dependent on commercial sales with over 90% of revenues tied to Group contracts with over 90% of those sales generated through consultant-directed RFPs.


Not being considered for as many as 50% of available RFPs and coming over the transom for over 120 days.


Install a proprietary business intelligence “distant early warning alert system” to identify prospects with interest in and intent to buy from the Client. Deploy the system to also all consultant and competitive activity tied to the Client’s target prospect list.


After 90 days, Sales qualified and pursued 68 targeted companies with an average of three [3] identified buyers per company.

After 180 days, accepted / participated in 29 RFPs of the 68 targeted companies. Identified six [6] at-risk current clients with imminent contract expirations, saving four [4].