How SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can help increase revenue for your firm

Potential new clients are actively searching for tax guidance, bookkeeping services, payroll assistance, accounts payable/receivable, and more.  When someone types these and other accounting-specific terms into Google, the websites that show up first in Google results are not there by accident.  One way to accomplish this is through a full-scale SEO plan as part of your overall marketing strategy.

Here are some important SEO facts you should know:

  • Google has over 87% of search engine market share
  • The 1st position organic search result in Google has an average click (open) rate of 28.5%.
  • After the first position, the average click-through rate sharply falls.
    • 2nd position has an average click-through rate of 15%, while 3rd position is only 11%.
    • CTR’s continue to fall to an average of 2.5% for the last position.
    • The study was published by Sistrix which analyzed more than 80 million keywords as well as billions of search results to understand how users engage with Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

If you want to expand your client base, you need to know about SEO. 

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps businesses like yours get found online when they are searching for your services. Whether prospects are searching about cash flow, assets, or expenses, through this process, your accounting firm can increase the quality and quantity of your website traffic from search engines such as Google, Bing, Baidu, or Yahoo.

Particularly for businesses like yours, SEO is critical because it focuses on getting your establishment to appear in search results when a customer makes a search in your area. Millions upon millions of people use search engines like Google every single day, and thousands in your area alone!

The ultimate goal of SEO is visibility and getting your accounting firm ranked #1 on Google and other search engines. When someone searches for your services, you want to be as close to the top of the results as possible. The higher up in search you are, the more leads your firm will generate!

If your accounting firm does not put attention or resources toward a consistent SEO strategy, it’s likely that you’ll get buried in the sea of search results. While there are other ways to generate leads, SEO is not just a trend – it continues to be foundational to the digital marketing strategies for successful businesses.  If done correctly, SEO can lead to great results in the long term.

How can SEO benefit your accounting business?  

 Just like how having the right financial data, advice, and services help your clients grow their business, SEO can help grow yours.

Increase Sales and Leads

Knowing how to optimize your website for organic search with valuable content around a variety of important financial topics such as expenses, profits, and losses, adding conversion elements will help gain trust with Google and ultimately win potential customers over.

Build Trust and Credibility

With strategies such as creating informative content, strategic link building, and showcasing quality reviews, we help build authority and relevance for your website. We know you have the accounting acumen and experience, now is the time to show it off for potential new clients!

Stand Out from Your Competitors

As you know, the accounting industry is crowded and competitive. With so many firms vying for the same customers, a strong digital presence will help reach new customers and grow your business.

    Simplifying search for your accounting firm

    With the looming tax season, we know that you’re busy. The same way your customers don’t need to worry about doing their own taxes or managing their finances even beyond tax time, when it comes to SEO, you can always call on the pros for help. 

     LSC Marketing Group is a full-service digital marketing firm that specializes in SEO for the accounting industry. We understand what is effective in search and have partnered with accounting firms around the country for nearly a decade to expand their businesses.

     As SEO experts, we have helped countless firms to develop customized solutions to meet their needs and attain quicker rankings and long-lasting traffic.  The culmination of all our data, expertise, and experience has helped us to formulate best in class SEO campaigns for local businesses as well as Fortune 500 companies.

    Highlights of the LSC SEO process

    Visibility for your accounting website is our goal, and our fully managed SEO solutions combine premium content, link building, on-page services, combined with our best-in-the-business staff and support.

     Here’s a look into how we’ll create your SEO plan:

      1. Initial website audit: The first thing we’ll do for your accounting website is audit your current campaigns and your online presence. A website audit is the first step in a properly planned strategy. 
      2. Keyword research & competitor analysis: At the beginning, our SEO services include thorough competitive gap analysis research and a manual analysis of your main competition’s SEO. This dictates potential SEO opportunities and informs our multi-layered keyword strategy. 
      3. Link building: So much of the magic happens behind the scenes. Through powerful backlinks to your website, we can increase your domain authority and help you rank higher in search engine results. 
      4. Content creation & marketing: Our talented copywriters and marketing team will develop valuable cornerstone content around a number of important accounting topics, which will serve as the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. 
      5. Local listing optimization: Our Local SEO team will audit all your online listings to ensure your company name and contact information are consistent across the board.
      6. Conversion optimization & tracking: Our talented and experienced designers and web developers ensure your website is built to convert, with a seamless experience and responsiveness across all devices.
      7. Reporting & communication: Throughout the process, expect complete transparency from us via monthly SEO performance reports, access to your dedicated dashboard with work history, rank tracking, and an always-on, live analytics report.

     From compelling content to the use of keywords, there are so many variables that go into how an accounting website is displayed through a search.

     We know what SEO methods will provide real results, and we are here as a collaborative partner to help you navigate the process. Let us help drive more organic traffic to your business by creating a strategic and comprehensive SEO plan unique to your goals.

     Whether potential clients are searching for an accountant to help oversee their credit, cash flow, overhead, bookkeeping, or another important financial service, we will ensure that your business is front and center! 

    More About Our Services

    LSC Marketing Group is a full-service marketing agency

    We have decades of experience working with accounting firms, and in addition to SEO, we offer comprehensive digital marketing services to elevate your business.

     While we know what works in the accounting industry, we take pride in creating digital marketing strategies that are completely customized for the unique needs of all clients.

    As a full-service digital marketing agency, we have experts that can take your vision to the next level. We help businesses embrace and navigate the digital landscape so that they can focus on all other aspects of their business.

    We specialize in:

        • Identifying your target market: We will work with you to define your target customers (both businesses and individuals) and then get you access to these customers through email and other channels.
        • Digital branding and identity: Ensure you have a strong brand identity that represents the voice of your company.
        • Web design and development: Your website is the public face of your brand 24/7. Let us design a website strategy that drives new business.
        • Social media management: social media is a powerful way to build brand awareness and drive new leads. With over 72% of the public using some form of social media platform, has your accounting firm embraced the power of social media yet?
        • Marketing automation: Take advantage of innovative ways to automate and optimize your email marketing campaigns. 
        • Digital advertising: Once your digital basics are in place, increase your visibility and drive targeted online traffic to your business.

    We will get you the results you want…and so much more!

    Connect with us today so that we can talk about your goals and how we can build your digital footprint to help achieve them. Soon enough, the only thing you’ll have to worry about is ensuring that your new accounting customers are happy!