Tips For Putting A Modern Twist On This Classic Communication Outreach Method

If you think direct mail has been around forever, you’re right!

The first evidence of direct mail dates back to 1000 B.C. in Ancient Egypt when a landowner advertised on a piece of papyrus a gold reward for one of his slaves. The phrase “Neither snow, no rain, nor gloom of night…” engraved in granite for our Postal Service comes from the ancient Persians under Xerxes about 500 BC.

In 1872, Aaron Montgomery, “the godfather of direct mail,” created the first catalog mailer, and by 1888, his direct mail efforts generated over $1 million in annual sales.

The Basics Of Direct Mail

Direct mail marketing has been used for generations. And it’s far from obsolete. When strategically executed, it’s a highly effective way of reaching prospects and customers. Direct mail marketing consists of physical correspondence, such as postcards, flyers, and catalogs, sent into people’s homes via the mail. The ultimate goal of direct mail is to have prospects patronize a business and customers to buy again.

All direct mail pieces should include:

  • Business information/company branding
  • A call to action (CTA)
  • Business contact information

Contrary to popular opinion, direct mail still effectively closes the gap between a business and potential customers.

Why Does Marketing Sent Via Mail Still Work?

Though marketing has evolved, research shows that direct marketing remains a safe and effective tool for new customer acquisition and customer retention.

In 2021, the open rate for standard direct mail reached nearly 90%. It’s also estimated that nearly half of recipients read or scan the advertising mailers they receive – this is more than double the standard open rate for email marketing!

That said, here are a few reasons why direct mail still works:

  • Direct mail is tangible
  • Direct mail is memorable
  • Direct mail can achieve high reach
  • Direct mail is often neglected as a promotional medium

Partner With The Pros On Your Next Direct Mail And Digital Campaign

Once you’ve decided to embrace direct mail, look no further than working with an experienced and agile partner who can assist you from start to finish.

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